Carport Central Launches Metal Building Sale

Carport Central ( is excited to announce their first-of-its-kind nationwide inventory reduction sale, offering folks around the country an opportunity to get our guaranteed lowest price on carports, RV Covers, steel garages, metal barns, workshops, commercial steel buildings, 40-wides, 50-wides, 60-wides, 70-wides, and more! The US steel industry is facing increasing challenges in the world market, so Carport Central wants to help by giving Americans a chance to lock in our lowest price on a steel structure NOW. Buyers who take advantage of this inventory reduction sale will be helping Carport Central to invest more in American-made steel, which will result in creating and protecting more American jobs.

Based in Mount Airy, NC, Carport Central is a family-owned-and-operated business that partners with quality local manufacturers across the country to provide the best made-to-order steel structures for customers in 48 U.S. states. Carport Central is the nation”s leading online provider of complete custom metal building solutions, including carports, metal garages, barns, farm buildings, equipment sheds, RV covers, utility combo buildings, workshops, commercial buildings, clear-span facilities, and much more.

Carport Central”s web platform is powered by Cibirix, and includes easy-to-use signature tools that really set Carport Central apart from everyone else in the online metal structure market space. Their Metal Building Color Planner allows users to select from a wide variety of available colors, and view their selected colors applied to realistic 3D renderings of popular building styles, including the ability to select separate colors for the roof, walls, and trim.

In addition to the Color Planner, perhaps the most powerful tool on the Carport Central site is their 3D Building Estimator. This 3D tool makes it easy for users to design their own ideal building from scratch, with easy-to-use templates for customizing every aspect of the building, including building type, roof style, building dimensions, certificate & gauge, walls, trim, colors, and more! This interactive Estimator also allows users to save their design plans, share them on social media, get accurate pricing quotes, and even place their order online. And you aren”t limited to using the Estimator on a computer, either; it”s fully accessible from any mobile device, as well.

Carport Central owner Albert Lara also had this to add: “Carport Central is an American company, and it’s our pleasure to serve our fellow Americans. We”re honored to provide shelter for your way of life, but we’re really all about helping people, and that includes other American businesses. We truly stand with our steel mills, our manufacturing partners, and our vendors. Thank you for partnering with us to help create more American jobs by providing people with the very best metal building solutions, manufactured right here in the USA!”

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