humm3® will be at JEC 2024 and demonstrates thermoplastic tank winding capabilities

Last year saw a record number of humm3 flashlamp systems being integrated into industrial and research settings. humm3 is a powerful pulsed light broadband heat source, utilising Excelitas Noblelight”s flashlamp technology. The system has been specifically designed for a range of composites manufacturing scenarios.

Excelitas is pleased to showcase recent industrial and research projects at JEC in Paris in March 2024. In an ongoing project conducted at the AMRC (Sheffield, UK). Researchers demonstrated how humm3 can be used as a powerful heat source for tank winding projects.

Conventional composite pressure vessels production is a two-step process utilising thermoset materials. This process is difficult to scale to meet the growing need for rapidly produced, more sustainable tanks. The powerful humm3 system streamlines the tank production process by enabling high layup temperatures, and “single-step” creation of thermoplastic pressure vessels, without using an autoclave.

Positive test results generate benefits.

Two tank demonstrator parts were successfully manufactured Lay-up speeds of 100mm/s on the cylindrical body and 50mm/s on the domed tank ends. The best adhesion between plies and liner was reached by using a hoop (90?) followed by a helical (45?) winding, whereas further work is required to improve lay-up for a helical (20?) ply at the domes. The demonstrators showed good adhesion of plies and a high overall lay-up quality.

humm3 has shown capability to heat composite materials required for manufacturing thermoplastic pressure vessels at high speed with high levels of composite lay-up quality, reaching the processing temperatures required for thermoplastic tapes with a low safety burden – no requirement for a laser-safe enclosure.

Excelitas Noblelight will be exhibiting at the JEC tradeshow in Paris from 5th to 7th March, providing a good opportunity for customers to learn about how humm3 could advance their projects.

JEC Show details:
Excelitas Noblelight will be exhibiting at JEC 2024 Hall 5, Booth K130

Keywords:JEC in Paris, Flash Systems, humm3, Komposite, Mobility, Luft- und Raumfahrt


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