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Universal Business School held Leadership NextGen 2.0 from 21.06.19 to
23.06.19. The thought behind LNG has been, to back acknowledge attribution and efforts put in by HR towards bucohort andeat Academic and student cohort and society at large. The event focusses on celebrating the HR
fraternity and to take them back to live the campusthe event high point of the event is also on showcasing UBS”s talent psynergies togetherlding synergies together. This year the event witnessed ovewho shared professionals who participated together in the fun-filled learning environment, along with some great networking breakouts with the pioneers in the industry. HRIA as a body was a
major participant in LNG 2.0 HRIA an association of HR professionals in the IT
industry. It is a premier institution engaged in promoting HR practices in Indian
IT sector. For a decade, HR Infotech has been consistently updating the knowledge and learning among HR professionals in the IT industry. It has
proved to be a successful endeavor with over 100+ meetings over a period of
10 years. These meetings have the credit of uniting over 75,000+ HR
professionals on a single platform to share and learn the practical approach of various critical and relevant HR issues of the IT industry.
Some of the key participants were:
– Mr. Rajesh S Manik, H.R. Director, Delloite
– Mr. Pavan Chakravarti, People Manager, IBM
– Mr. Binoy Sarkar, Head Talent Acquisitions, Dr. Reddy Foundations
– Mr. Ashwin Jaisinghani, Senior Director, Capgemini
– Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Sr. Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim Members from HRIA
– Mr. Shyamsunder Lal
– Kishore Bhalerao
– Vijay Kanbur
– Dr. CM Dwivedi
– Pravin Sawant Executive Trustees
– Baliram Mutagekar
– Anand Dhruv
– & 15 plus teams of President from Mumbai and Pune Chapters respectively.
The complete event was planned and executed by the Corporate Relations team and the event was maneuvered by Prof. Vidhya Srinivas along with CMBA 13 Batch, & student volunteers from PGDM 5 & CMBA 2Y2.
21st June: We had the welcoming of the HRs and a small networking session was organized.
22nd June: The day started with a Yoga session, which was followed by the star attraction of the event, interactive session with “Tarun Anand” Co-Founder of UBS on the topic “The CEO who sold his Lexus”. Prof. Anand shared his life experiences on the journey from being Ex CEO at “Thomson Reuters” to be the Co-founder and Chairman of UBS the first green B School in India. The session was very insightful and informative in providing the key pointers on sorting out the priorities to become a successful entrepreneur. The pillars of UBS are the faculty and support staff who have built the Institution from scratch. A “Gratitude” ceremony for UBS Faculty and staff, was presented by the prominent HR”s and finally, the symposium was concluded with a thank-you note from Prof. Vidhya Srinivas.
The guests played lots of fun-filled management games post-lunch and it was great fun participating in the dance performances arranged by UBS students along with the HR”s. This was followed by various indoor and outdoor sports events like cricket, Table Tennis, Snooker, Chess tournament, Carrom tournament where each of the guests participated and demonstrated their sheer passion and determination to ace the competition and emerge as winners. The evening started with the cake cutting ceremony, a nostalgic moment that symbolizes the first time when LNG was conducted. Followed by an interactive dance tutorial party. Finally concluded by the star event for the evening “Fashion Show with State wise Theme”. Which was followed by prize distribution and DJ Session? The evening had a lot of stories to tell and share. The HRs and UBS had now become a family. I was able to relive my college days through this fun-filled evening- commented one of the Guests.
23rd June: The day started with “Tree plantation ceremony”. UBS strongly believes “If there is a future, it will be Green”, this special ceremony is religiously organized every year where each one of the guests “s plant”s hope of green. This was followed by a felicitation to the prize winners and token of appreciation to the guests. The guests bonded and enjoyed each other”s company and finally, bidding farewell to the guests was done, along with photo sessions with Prof. Tarun Anand and UBS Team.
Few testimonials, to share: “thank you UBS for the event which helped me to relax in the lap of mother nature as well as network with some industry pioneers.” “We made many new contacts and the interaction gave us better insights on leadership skills”
An event worth to cherish!
LNG 2.0 would not have been possible without the trust and unconditional support of our Chairman Prof. Tarun Anand, our dear Faculties, Prof. Suman Gundu, Prof. Rahul, Prof. Alpa & Prof. Shownu, and our non-academic staff. Thank you for making this happen.
Takeaways: Building Synergies, Building Relationship, and Building business.
School thanks to the following organizations for their sponsorship of the Leadership NextGen Event:
Early Salary, The Construction Store, Naughty Waves
Special thanks to HRIA and Anand Dhruv.

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